How to Keep Out Raccoons from Your Allentown Shed and Porch

The raccoons living under Pennsylvania sheds or decks from Jan to Sept must always be regarded for being a mom with babies. Be conscious as you never want to get the baby Allentown raccoons orphan. These are amazing mothers and prefer to move the babies to the new Allentown den location when feared, however evicting the mother raccoons always run a risk that she may abandon or be separated from the babies.

Steps to keep Allentown raccoons out from under shed or porch

  • Digging the trench: You must begin by digging into a trench 6 inches deep and 12 inches wide around the Pennsylvania shed or porch. 
  • Wire mesh: Bend the bottom of the galvanized wired mesh so that material may get L shape having the bottom that is of 12 inches and fit against trench bottom. This wire mesh gets buried into 6 inches' deep hole and it must have bottom edge which extends to reach the 12 inches outside for blocking the Pennsylvania raccoon digging and for extending solid woods and other materials near shed which cover openings.
  • Staples: Secure Allentown wire mesh top on shed or porch using heavy staples, staple gun alongside fender washers or screws. You can put gap in such fasteners after each foot so that materials can get held against shed or porch tightly.
  • Fence work: For working on fence, you must have shovel, working gloves, screws, staple guns, wire cutters, fender washers and heavy staples.
  • Decorating the wire mesh: Use your Pennsylvania staples but not screws or washers for securing the wire mesh if you desire of trimming over top of the materials. Galvanized wire mesh may seem unattractive however you can improve the look by using spray paints for installing a decorative lattice. You must be aware of buried utilities before starting to dig the fence.

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