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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Allentown! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Allentown, PA. You'll find our customer service is second to none, and we will do everything we can to accommodate you. Ballpark price estimates can be given over the phone, and we can also offer a written estimate on request. You'll never find any additional charges or fees, though — what we agree before the work is done is the price you'll need to pay. Finding a wild critter in your home or place of work is shocking and stressful enough. Why not let our friendly and knowledgeable team handle the problem for you? With competitive prices, you might just find that our services work out a lot cheaper than most failed DIY attempts! (And we have that on good authority!) Call us now at 484-232-5369 for your Allentown wildlife control needs.

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Allentown Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do Repellents Work for Getting Raccoons Out of My Pennsylvania Attic?

Talking about the sprays, powders, and other stuff which you purchase for repelling raccoons out of the attics, animals really don't care about these things!

What's the issue with these repellents?
In general, there is a problem with them. As the Pennsylvania raccoons live in the attic, and they own the baby nest there. That's the main thing! There exist no repellent or device which make them go away. The Allentown raccoon repellents which you buy from store or get the deterrent device for them – total waste of time (have a zero demonstrated efficiency).

So, what does work?
Following are some ways which work for repelling raccoons out of the attics:

Home repair materials
Yet, for keeping the raccoons out of the attics, there are some excellent repellents – repair products for home! Heavy steel mesh, metallic flashing and other repairing materials that are resistant for Allentown raccoon chewing. Check your home for finding the entry hole and seal it shut. However, if you have got raccoons in your attic already, there exist no device or product which make them go away.

Fortunately, the issue is only as easier to be solved with exclusion doors and repairs as to apply the repellents. Perform it rightly and get the problem solved.

Raccoon eviction fluid
There exists another exception: sometimes the eviction fluid for Pennsylvania raccoons (the scent used for male raccoons) can make the female raccoons to leave and bring the young raccoons with them. It is due to the male raccoons which kill the young ones, not at their own and female raccoons know it. Thus if are any male raccoons, females may move out. However, it doesn't work always, and it is harder to be used than only doing it rightly.